How can the Green Homes Grant help me?

How can the Green Homes Grant help me?

Been spending a lot of time at home recently? Of course, we all have since Covid-19. We have seen the world change very quickly and without warning. Fortunately for many people who have to budget home heating expenses year in and year out, this period of stay-at-home living has come during a time where the temperatures are liveable, even comfortable.

Having said the above, the affects of Covid-19 will stay with our lives for months to come, if not indefinitely. And as the winter closes in, many are concerned about the increased cost of heating their homes for the now increased amount of time many of us will spend inside.

The average cost of energy consumption in the UK is just below £1100, and analysts have stated that this number is likely to increase to roughly £1400 due to lifestyle changes around Covid-19.

Paying for Energy

There are a couple of issues worth taking into account here. Firstly, this is bad news for the global green initiatives, increased consumption leads to increased demand in fossil fuel and exacerbated pollution. But secondly, this has made the UK government take serious note of the overwhelming inefficiency of many of our UK homes when it comes to their retention of heat. Hence therefore, the new Insulation Scheme, Green Homes Grant.

A promise to reimburse homeowners to the tune of up to £5,000, or even up to £10,000 for lower income households when taking advantage of green home improvements such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, installation of double glazing, and so on, and so on.

This home insulation grant will be available to both homeowners and landlords come September of 2020. Although this still remains a couple of months away, we would suggest it’s worth doing the prep work now, as demand for processing is bound to be large.

How will you benefit? Well, it depends on your home and the final word of the government. Ultimately we still await final confirmation about what indeed is included when it comes to the Green Home Grant, but most likely is Loft Insulation and Double Glazing. By getting into a position of having consulted with professionals in your local area prior to September, you will certainly stand the best chance to take advantage of the scheme’s full benefit.

Your Home on the Green Home Grant

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